Tuesday, August 17, 2010


She liked to nestle her head on his neck. She would gently kiss him at the base of his neck, and he would feel tickled. As he tightly hugged her in bed, she would let her lips curiously explore. That's how it always was. Every time he held her in his arms, she felt it was the first time he ever had. It felt as if an invisible thread was tugging at their hearts, bringing them closer. As she lay on his chest, it was funny how her heart would settle to his heartbeat and their hearts would beat in unison.

He traced the mehendi design on her arm, with his finger. She laughed. The elaborate mehendi design which extended from the palms and half way to her arms, with their names hidden in the maze of the loops and curves, amused him.

Her hand was firmly clasping his wedding band. The tear stains on the pillow had all but dried. She smiled in her sleep. A smile that dared to appear a year after his death.


  1. Oh no.. whats with you kids writing stories with tragic ends! :(

  2. Well, suspense and/or tragedy makes a better short story or flash fiction... hehe.

  3. Awww cmon! i hate te death thing! Nice story this is.

  4. Knew that the end would be unexpected. Your style is such :)

  5. @ Arju: Phew... atleast it was unexpected ;) That's what I wanted too... :)



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