Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My last post

Last post.....for the year that is !!! Gotcha... hehehe.

Well, looking back...what a splendid year it has been.
I feel reaaalllly nice when I think of the year that passed. I frankly don't remember the
first half of the year. It was pretty uneventful. But the latter half of the year just rocked.
First of all, we finished off the 'exam' business... atleast for the time being. We wrote off the last exam in the 7th sem. After which we proceeded to the Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) programme, a four-month long training process. Boy ! Was it fun....
It was tiring to say the least, but I guess these 4 months gave more memories we'd cherish than the past four years in college. Saying that things were not going 'well' within our batch would be an understatement. We actually had enough of it and were dying to leave (atleast I was!).
But then, we began to bond well during our training... and then, the rest of the days were like
a celebration....of togetherness !!
Made me wonder why we didn't even 'try' before.
It took a RAWE to bring about a semblance of amity in our batch.
Well, as they say, 'better late than never' .

And on the 'professional' front... I gave the dreaded CAT on 18th November, 2007. And that was one helluva experience. Its repercussions will reverberate in the year that ensues. Well, let's say I avoid thinking of the prospects. God save me.

And on the personal front.... things are getting nice. Got to know a few interesting people who have drastically influenced the way I now perceive life and the things around me. Truly I believe they are God-sent. I'm lovin' it!

But even in this moment of joy, I'm reminded of two people who left this earth. One is Reji chettan, my cousin's husband. One fine morning, in January, I woke up to a rude shock- his death. He was a very friendly and kind person of cheerful disposition. He used to visit whenever he came back to Kerala. And to realise that he won't be coming ever again... won't ask for that glass of water (as he always does) when he comes home... And that we won't have those long conversations wherein he updates us on everyone else... Indeed saddening. I couldn't attend the funeral because I had to attend college. But then I realised, having him in my memories as a person full of life was better than seeing his mortal remains- lifeless.

The MOST shocking news I received this year was undoubtedly Gopi's death.
Untimely and uncalled for.
His instant death in an accident was far too much to take in. And I was having my final exams then. So (again) I miss his funeral. Again...I think...lucky that I didn't have to see him that way. He was this ebullient spirit who could easily make friends. I still remember how he'd joined Hari Sri in the 7th. And by the next year, he was everybody's friend. He had this amazing ability of befriending everyone and everyone would think that Gopi is his/her 'best friend'.
He was the first ever guy to whom I talked about my first crush.
I remember the times we used to do all the crap talk..... all the times he'd stop by at our home for a small chat... the time he forgot our b'day and came that evening with a b'day card....the day he turned up at our doorsteps with Friendship Bands for Friendship Day.

And little did I realise that I was seeing him for the last time at the reunion last year. Strange are the ways of the world.

And though not a personal tragedy, Benazir Bhutto's death (assassination, actually) was a shock. I remember, at the fag end of last year it was Saddam Hussein who was executed. And this year, Benazir is killed. It was brutal and the imbroglio surrounding her death and its cause is nothing but a disgrace.

But after the night, day has to come.
And so we proceed into the next year with hope.
All the best to all out there....
Have a great year ahead !


Thougt for the day: " Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."


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