Sunday, June 05, 2011


It touched her; nay, penetrated her inner self. Drenched her soul.

It soaked her to the bones. The rains were no stranger to her. The water felt its way down her body – like a lover familiar with her terrains. Huge drops falling from up above. And even as it stung on hitting the body, she gladly embraced it. A pain less painful than the ones she knew of.

The downpour so tremendous, that it was impossible to open her eyes. She lifted her head to the heavens above, and felt the rain hurt her face. Water entered her eyes and mouth – and yet, she stood amused.

The rains were washing down the dust  and more – her bad memories, sins, misgivings, and mistrust.

She felt liberated. She felt released from the clutches of a horrid past. She was washing down the bad and the ugly. She felt pure. Clean. Ready for a new start. A new beginning.

Some laughed, some looked apprehensive and the others were amused to see a girl with her hands spread out, getting drenched. She couldn’t care less. She was enjoying the rain.

12 Million Killed!


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