Thursday, July 27, 2006


For You
Emotions aplenty, words are few;
How much you move me, you have no clue.
My days are lonely, nights are blue;
Please do believe me; what I say is true.

To have you by my side – is all I care,
Your departure is much more than I can bear.
My dreams with you I want to share;
With you I want to climb Life’s stairs.

You are my anchor, you are my light;
Without you…Oh! It is just not right!
So on this mystic, moonlit night,
For you this poem, I dare to write…

Please come back like the morning dew,
And do refresh my heart anew.
Emotions aplenty, words are few…
How much you move me, you have no clue....

Thought for the day : "Worry is like a rocking keeps you going, but gets you no where."


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