Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Wait

                                                        ********Mush alert********

He is making me wait. Really hard. And I know he's out there.
Anything won (or received) easily won't be valued. So he takes his time. 

It's maybe my age, my stage or my hormones.  And as mad as it may seem to admit, I am thinking about him. The him whom I don't know yet. The him with whom it will not be 'you' and 'me' but .... 'us'.

It is most definitely normal ( I believe) to dream and hope about that someone. So am I. Funnily enough, a year and more ago, I was telling my parents that I don't want to get married. That I am happy being single. That marriage can wait. Owing to many things now (which includes seeing wedding/engagement snaps of friends, attending the same of some; watching friends with kids who are ALREADY two years old and more!).... I am dreaming of mine. And now that I want it to happen, it's not. Sigh. Seriously folks, watch what you are wishing for. Could actually come true.

Let me say, I am NOT desperate! (Read that again... there is a NOT inserted in capital letters). Na-ha.... But most definitely I want it to happen. My views have changed! God are you listening? 

So whilst I would have dreamt of a prince charming on a horse, coming and sweeping me off my feet before, I am fine if he catches an auto and comes. Anything... as long as he's coming. You listening dude? I am talking to you!

Shucks.... imagine me writing this for one and all to read? I can't believe I am letting this madness float on cyberspace. But I really don't care. What if he's reading it? Or perhaps one day he will...

That's enough of me. More thoughts on the same sound better in my head. And there it shall remain.

The wait is on. And I would like to leave you with a song. This is probably what I am saying to him. Now.

Psst... couldn't embed the video in the blog. Click and follow!

Song: Abhi nahi aana
Singer/Artist: Sona Mohapatra

Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna,
Mohe Thoda Marne De
Intezar Karne De...
Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna...

Bhejiyo Sandesha
Aap Nahi Aana;
Thode Door Rehke
Mohe Tarsana
Abhi To Main Chahun, Sari Sari Raat Jagna...
Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna...

Ruk Ruk Aana
Dheere Dheere Chalna,
Bhoolna Dagaria, Raste Badalna
Nahi Abhi Mohe,Garwa Nahi Hey Lagna...

Abhi Na Jagao
Bane Raho Sapna,
Abhi San-Mukh Na Lao Mukh Apna
Abhi To Main Chahun, Aass Lagaye Rakhna...


  1. what abt people requesting 'single snaps aka fb-Profile-Pics' to be taken when on an outing :D
    does that ring a bell?
    There is a popular phrase in Tamil 'Thedal Thodangiyadhe' ~ 'The search has begun'.

  2. @ Karthick: Hahaha... yes, there's this sudden surge in solo pic requests, after an age ;)

    And yes, "the search has begun". For some time now actually. Ahem.

  3. Thanks Sam. Need all the luck I can get ;)

  4. Hey Vinitha....may be this will rize to you but I ended come as a surprize to u but I ended up reading is lovely post of urs after looking for the images of "wait" on google..and well I do share a lot in common with u on these romantic lines...that somewhere there will be someone made for me...Sigh...havent found one till yet as well, and guess m more younger to you..:P...So here is ur new link, for which I'm borrowing this pic of urs:

    PS: love the quote on ur blog...I just sent this one to a friend of mine who is sad...I hope it helps her:)

  5. Thanks Aakriti - the pic indeed helped you reach here. Talking of which, this pic is NOT mine. I also got it when I was searching for "wait" on Google Images. So please do NOT attribute it to me.

    Sigh. Don't we all wish for romance to cast its spell in our lives? :)
    But I'm sure we'll have some of it in our own special ways; so don't lose hope.

    That quote on my blog is one of my favourites, and has a lot of hope. I hope it helped your friend. Thanks for stopping by here!

  6. I hope your wish comes true very soon :)




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