Friday, December 30, 2011


It’s that time of the year when we indulge in retrospection, introspection and prospection (one, either or all). Why now? What’s so great about 31st December? We could do it on any day of the year too; but perhaps the onset of a ‘new’ year gives rise to hope. And as you all know, hope is a good thing. Maybe this newness gives us an impetus to try and set things straight, to mend our ways, or explore unchartered avenues. But of course, for that we need to reflect on the year gone by.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


The sunlight reflecting off the steel tumbler, which held the piping hot tea.
The steel plate which held the puttu, freshly delivered from the puttu kutti. Staring on as Amma poured a generous serving of kadala curry. And as the waft of the curry and the steam from the puttu rose from the plate, creating patterns in the air, she curiously blew them and dug into it hungrily.

She stared at her bowl. Yep, cereals it is. Cornflakes and milk. That's wholesome too. She said to herself.


For the uninitiated, puttu is the national food of Kerala; a regular breakfast item! If I had to explain what it is,  let me quote what I read once in an Emirates menu (as you guessed, it was a flight back from the Gelf) - Steamed rice cake, garnished with coconut gratings and served with chick peas sautéed in onions.

For the Malayalis - nammude puttum kadala curry-um! It's also had with banana, papadam, etc. and variants of puttu include those made with wheat flour, tapioca flour and so on.

No, it's not that this post is entirely about me. I think this is a 'common' memory from childhood, for a lot of us. I used to love puttu a lot. In fact, I used to make it as breakfast on weekends regularly, so much so that now I am quite tired of it. But I am game for puttu any time, if I get it with chicken curry or fish curry! *wide grin*

P.S. Wanted to label this post, and then realised I hadn't labelled any post with 'food'. And that surprises me. I hadn't written anything on food yet?!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Book Browsing

It had been a while since I actually visited a bookstore. Flipkart ensured that the kua came to the pyaasa, instead of vice versa. And as convenient as it maybe to order books online, the charm of actually walking into a store and browsing books is irreplaceable. The joy of randomly picking a book, checking out the summary at the back cover, reading about the author, flipping the pages and judging the book by its cover (quite literally!) is a pleasure of sorts. And so, I went to Reliance TimeOut a couple of days back.


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