Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Class

I have rushed straight out of my last class. And I am a bunch of emotions bursting at its seams. I just can't describe what is going through my heart and head. I am overwhelmed... I could cry !

After all, since I was three, I have been sitting within four walls and been at the receiving end of knowledge bombarded from all quarters; most passing through my head, some passing through my brains.It's been like home for the past 21 years. Nested safely in the cocoon of a classroom, nature is now telling me, it's time to break out and fly. I am not quite ready!

Most people I know of would be celebrating their last day of education. I am not sure if I echo those sentiments. Sure, there have been boring lectures; and even more boring Professors. But with me, things have been a bit different. I never liked sitting in the back benches/rows, I paid attention in class and sleep has been rare (though I did master the art once I joined for MBA!). Of course, I have had my share of day dreaming and switching off in class. But I have been fairly alert and awake in class (except for some horrible Professors, because of whom I took to reading magazines). So mine is not the world of eating snacks, throwing paper balls, passing chits, doodling or scribbling in notebooks, sending SMS or dozing off, in the strictest sense. I don't know if that is supposed to be 'fun'. But it suits me fine (yeah, now tell me that I am weird!).

As I look back, it's been quite a journey. But what lies ahead is even more daunting, in some ways. I can't believe I will start working and earning. It's no more exams, studies and assignments. It will be responsibilities and accountability. It seems to be a fear of the uncertain and unknown. 
And in my case, destiny seems to be taking it's course. I did my graduation in Agriculture, did my MBA and now I am going to work for Infosys. That doesn't make sense to me either! But I have realised that things just happen sometimes and you go with the flow. I don't know what more is in store for me. Just hoping that things work out right. I will miss my life in my school and colleges. My world was once the hallowed portals of these institutions. I have learnt as much or more outside its classrooms, as much inside it. It's hard to say if I will or will not pursue higher studies. But it's goodbye to classrooms for now. 

I know that a much bigger class and lessons await me outside.


Thought for the day: "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."  
~Sydney J. Harris


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