Other Blogs of Mine

The blog 'As I Muse...' was the first ever blog I created, way back in 2006 (Sigh, I am growing old). What I have here are random thoughts I'd like to share, film/book reviews, rants, creative writing and any general thing I feel like writing on.

However, I have a couple of other blogs too. 

I created AD-venterous! to comment on the various ads (advertisements) I like. It took off on some steam. But it's been long since I updated anything there. You will find my old post there though.
(Note to self - I need to get it back on track)

And of late, I created a new one, called What I hear!, because I want to discuss songs. I will be writing on my favourite songs here, and I am pretty excited about 'documenting' all my favourite songs. Months (or years later), I'll have a good collection of videos and lyrics at this blog (all hail Google and YouTube)  - or that's my plan.

I can't say what will prompt me further, and I may (for all you know), create yet another one (Thank God blogs are free!). But don't you worry. You will find it updated here!


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