Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries) - A Review

An Aamir Khan movie and no noise? Just can't happen. And so, there was a lot of buzz about this movie – still is there – though it might have become of a different kind, post its release. I am not sure if this is going to be a movie ‘review’ or just my thoughts on the movie, given that so many people felt disappointed, bored, cheated (waste of money, they said) and so on. But heck, this is a free country and though my review won’t be as valued as a certain Masand’s, Adarsh’s or Qureshi’s – here I am, giving you my take on the same.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How can it ever the same be,
'Tis a different you, 'tis a different me.

Holding on to times of yore,
I missed you more than ever before.

But the you of yesterday, I cannot find,
And me? I am more a stranger to my mind.

The river of time has flown ahead,
Taken us along with it, I dread.

How can it ever the same be,
‘Tis a different you, ‘tis a different me.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Wait

                                                        ********Mush alert********

He is making me wait. Really hard. And I know he's out there.
Anything won (or received) easily won't be valued. So he takes his time. 

It's maybe my age, my stage or my hormones.  And as mad as it may seem to admit, I am thinking about him. The him whom I don't know yet. The him with whom it will not be 'you' and 'me' but .... 'us'.

It is most definitely normal ( I believe) to dream and hope about that someone. So am I. Funnily enough, a year and more ago, I was telling my parents that I don't want to get married. That I am happy being single. That marriage can wait. Owing to many things now (which includes seeing wedding/engagement snaps of friends, attending the same of some; watching friends with kids who are ALREADY two years old and more!).... I am dreaming of mine. And now that I want it to happen, it's not. Sigh. Seriously folks, watch what you are wishing for. Could actually come true.

Let me say, I am NOT desperate! (Read that again... there is a NOT inserted in capital letters). Na-ha.... But most definitely I want it to happen. My views have changed! God are you listening? 

So whilst I would have dreamt of a prince charming on a horse, coming and sweeping me off my feet before, I am fine if he catches an auto and comes. Anything... as long as he's coming. You listening dude? I am talking to you!

Shucks.... imagine me writing this for one and all to read? I can't believe I am letting this madness float on cyberspace. But I really don't care. What if he's reading it? Or perhaps one day he will...

That's enough of me. More thoughts on the same sound better in my head. And there it shall remain.

The wait is on. And I would like to leave you with a song. This is probably what I am saying to him. Now.

Psst... couldn't embed the video in the blog. Click and follow!

Song: Abhi nahi aana
Singer/Artist: Sona Mohapatra

Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna,
Mohe Thoda Marne De
Intezar Karne De...
Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna...

Bhejiyo Sandesha
Aap Nahi Aana;
Thode Door Rehke
Mohe Tarsana
Abhi To Main Chahun, Sari Sari Raat Jagna...
Abhi Nahi Aana Sajna...

Ruk Ruk Aana
Dheere Dheere Chalna,
Bhoolna Dagaria, Raste Badalna
Nahi Abhi Mohe,Garwa Nahi Hey Lagna...

Abhi Na Jagao
Bane Raho Sapna,
Abhi San-Mukh Na Lao Mukh Apna
Abhi To Main Chahun, Aass Lagaye Rakhna...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Burn bright!

You know, maybe the most insignificant of actions reveal a lesson. And though I don't want to sound all high and mighty, imparting my gyaan to the world here, I feel like sharing it. It's just a thought that brought a lot of after thought in me.

How many of you have lighted a lamp? Any kind...the small diyas, to the conventional lamps at homes? If you have, probably you've observed something. Fill the lamp with oil to the brim, and burn a wick. Chances are that it will burn dim. Instead, pour oil about till half of the lamp, and try burning a wick. It will burn brighter.

As I lighted the lamp one evening and observed this, I felt there's a lesson here. If life provides you with aplenty, you will never shine (quite literally). The very abundance is a distraction from reaching your excellence. The oil here almost snuffs the wick, because it's upto the brim. And so also in life, if you have enough and more of anything... would you really try hard? You would be like the wick swimming in the pool of plenty, little realising that it's actually preventing you from burning bright.

Instead look at the half-filled lamp. The wick there makes the most out of each drop of oil and burns brightest. It utilises whatever it has of the resources to spread light. The lack of abundance makes it try harder to burn and.... it does.

It's easier if you translate it to real life. I, for one, have seen that people with abundance of wealth, love or food don't quite value what they have. They believe they have got all they need. The most industrious of people are those who don't have plenty. Their lamps are not brimming. And they set out to burn bright.

The desire to strive for more, the need to try harder, the dissatifaction with status quo will drive you. Sometimes the best of you comes out not when everything is going right; but when everything is going wrong.

So what did I pray for New Year? To leave my lamp half filled.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year?

It has been customary for me to write a blog on New Year's eve or New Year's day, ever since I started blogging. Yes, it's been a while since I started it.... way back in June, 2006, I believe (yep, just confirmed it by checking my blog history). Four and a half long years since I've been here.

Don't even remember why I started blogging and I am amazed that I've managed to keep this going even now. Given my laziness and tendency to let things fizzle out, the blog's existence to this date has been a miracle of sorts.Well, other things I've tried to pursue include a diet and exercise/weight loss plan...that ended up with me with reduced confidence in the same, rather than a reduced waistline.

So this year, I don't intend to make plans. I have tried that all my life. Never worked. So this year I am letting the powers that be script my future. Maybe the higher ups have a bird's eye-view of the plan of my life, and know when to piece the puzzle next.

Having said that, this year has been remarkable and terrible in many ways. That's how the cookie crumbles any way. I landed my first job, got my first salary, stood on my own two feet. Was tranplanted from the land of Chamundeshwari to the abode of Mangala Devi (I have a theory there; I think I move to the land of Devis! The land where supreme reincarnates of Durga/Shakti resides.... go women power!).

Saw boring days on bench at Infy (for those outside IT industry, 'on bench' means that you are jobless and without a project! It doesn't meant that I was made to sit on a bench instead of one of the swivelling chairs!), to over-worked days, and work on weekends too. There were times when I was elated, days when I was depressed, days when I was bored, days when I was excited. Days when I felt lonely. I think I am yet to get over the fact that campus life is history. There won't be hostels, noise, fun and people. Things have changed, life has moved on. Now conversations with friends veer to marriages, family, investments, tax, savings, cost of living, commitments, work, jumping jobs, work-life balance (!), and so on. Not that you won't talk of Sheila ki jawani or the latest cricket stats. But then, there's going to be a sea-change. And it's gonna start one wave at a time.

And so they say the New Year has arrived. And I do wish to experience something new this year. I've quit taking resolutions and so, this year I don't have to pretend to change anything in my life or break any self-made promises. Can only hope that the best is yet to come. And oh boy, I intend to continue to blog. However less (like 3 posts in 2009) or abundant (like 26 posts in 2010) it maybe. My space in cyberspace is here to stay! So here's looking forward to 2011 with as much hope I can muster. Let the days begin!


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