Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog Award!

*Drum Roll*

Much to my shock (yes, it's beyond 'surprise'!), someone *actually* thought that my blog could be given an award. And much like La femme Nirvana , who gave me this award - this is the first (and maybe, only) time for me. So yeah, I am going to show-off! (This might be the only glory that will be bestowed on this humble, poorly marketed blog - so yeah, suck it up!)

As the tradition dictates, I have to tag the person who gave me this award - Thank you so much Nirvana. It might have seemed ungracious of me, not having done this earlier. But thanks to frequent visits to homeland, an unexpected back ache, work, internet issues et al - I wasn't very active in the online world. So here I am now, putting this post up!

And continuing with the tradition/routine of the blog awards, here's something more about me:

Seven Random Facts about You:

#1 I can't be random. Yes, this declaration serves two purposes. One, it highlights that I've been trying really hard to come up with 'seven random things' about me. I really am struggling to think of quirky things about me. But turns out I am a real bore. Spontaneity/randomness really isn't my thing. Maybe it's the Virgoan traits at play here. But yeah, I am the kind of person who finds comfort in certainty rather than ambiguity. Coming back, the second purpose this serves is - it leaves me with only having to struggle with 'Six random facts' about me.
I am clever, aren't I?

#2 When I was a kid, I had this dream - that I'd author a Booker Prize winning novel. Yeah, I had heard of this Prize; wasn't too sure what it meant back then - but knew that it was for Literature. And so that was my aspiration. Can't say it 'is'. Or maybe when you grow up, you give up on some things, 'coz you think they are impossible.So Man Booker Prize (as it's called now) or not, to author a book, indeed is my dream.

#3 I really wish that I'd learnt to sing or dance. I was too darn lazy, as a child. I enrolled for keyboard classes, and left it mid-way. Had tried a shot at learning music; that also fizzled out very soon. Sad. Really. I love to dance - have done a bit of it during school/college days. But well, that's a lost dream. I think I am too old to learn either; or is there no such thing?

#4 I really want to give a shot at bungee jumping one day. Won't that be such a thrill! And paragliding too. And maybe float in the air, in a hot air balloon.  No, this is not a 'new found' desire of trying out some adventure sport, subsequent to having watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I'd always fancied doing one/all of these. Just for the heck of it.

#5 My dream 'job' would be to work at a Library or Book store. My idea of bliss is a world full of books - the wonderful scent of printed pages, tomes of books neatly lined up. Each book is a world of its own - so imagine how many worlds surround you! Even now, when I walk into a book store, I really wish I could buy ALL the books and have ALL the time in the world to keep reading.

#6 I love chicken. Yes, I do! I could eat chicken in any form (as long as it's not raw!). And chances are, that six out of 10 times, I will end up ordering chicken biriyani. That's one thing I love. And nothing like my mom's biriyani. Love it. Period.

#7 I am the clumsiest person you'd ever meet. Call me butterfingers, if you will. There are plenty of glasses, bowls, bottles et al I've broken, much to my mom's agony. Add to it that I am careless/forgetful, and it's a disaster. So I don't know where I placed my keys or my glasses, I can't remember where I left my purse (only few days back, I'd forgotten to take my purse from office - with my money, debit card et al!). It's a major peeve for my sister and mom. And they leave no chance to bully me about it; so much so that if something's missing or broken, they assume I am the culprit. Sheesh!

My Favourite Song
It's a crime to ask me this! I could make a 'collection' of my 'favourite' songs - it's not just one. So I won't pick one. But, one thing is for sure - I have to also understand the lyrics, if I have to love a song. And I appreciate the words in a song, as much or more than the tune/melody.

My Favourite Dessert
Again, not one. I am a person with a sweet tooth. So needless to say, I can't pick one. But anything with chocolate should do the trick! I also like Indian sweets a lot - don't know if they qualify as 'dessert'. And oh yeah, caramel pudding. Yum.

What pisses me off
Show-offs, senseless chit-chats, sycophants, matlabi type ke log, the really 'girly' girls (I am not one! Really).

Biggest Fear
It would be snakes! Watching one even on the TV gives me the chills. I used to have dreams of snakes chasing me, surrounding me, trying to attack me. And believe me, it was horrible. I've had a few brushes in the past (not quite close though). And it gives me the creeps.

Best Feature
My sense of humour/wit. I do think that I am good with quips/retorts. And I am a good conversationalist, if I choose to be one. Or maybe people who know me should say that.

Everyday Attitude
The para you find below my blog title. I read that somewhere and instantly knew it had to be here. That pretty much sums it up, I guess.

What is perfection?
A myth. If everything was perfect, you wouldn't evolve or improve. It's something we aspire, but will never attain.

Guilty pleasure
Umm, food, perhaps? I love food. Sadly, it comes with calories. And all the tasty ones are fried!

Give the Award to 15 bloggers
That's too huge a number, according to me. So I am passing it onto a couple of bloggers I like, in no particular order:

Arjun: A friend, who writes awesome reviews on good ol' Bollywood movies. His interests also include the arts, music and politics. And if you'd read his articles (yes, he's published too!), you wouldn't believe he's a 20 something.

Mansa: I know her through the intranet blog, at our company. And that brought me to her external blog. She writes the most insanely beautiful poems/stories. There's so much mystery, depth and feelings in her poems. It often leaves you wistful.

Spaceman Spiff: Fellow Virgoan, and prolific blogger. I came across her blog after the note she'd written about Mallu Food, on FB became hugely popular.

aurumpater: Another Mallu from the Gelf with a cracko sense of humour. Should write more often.

Scribblings on the Wall:  Her random thoughts are good - often a case of less is more. Short and effective.

P.S. I find Malayalis write better - this observation, I came to, both at the external blogs and my Co. intranet blogs. Are we all gifted writers*? Anyone else feel the same?

* Yes, I counted myself in too. Muhahahaha.


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