Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year?

It has been customary for me to write a blog on New Year's eve or New Year's day, ever since I started blogging. Yes, it's been a while since I started it.... way back in June, 2006, I believe (yep, just confirmed it by checking my blog history). Four and a half long years since I've been here.

Don't even remember why I started blogging and I am amazed that I've managed to keep this going even now. Given my laziness and tendency to let things fizzle out, the blog's existence to this date has been a miracle of sorts.Well, other things I've tried to pursue include a diet and exercise/weight loss plan...that ended up with me with reduced confidence in the same, rather than a reduced waistline.

So this year, I don't intend to make plans. I have tried that all my life. Never worked. So this year I am letting the powers that be script my future. Maybe the higher ups have a bird's eye-view of the plan of my life, and know when to piece the puzzle next.

Having said that, this year has been remarkable and terrible in many ways. That's how the cookie crumbles any way. I landed my first job, got my first salary, stood on my own two feet. Was tranplanted from the land of Chamundeshwari to the abode of Mangala Devi (I have a theory there; I think I move to the land of Devis! The land where supreme reincarnates of Durga/Shakti resides.... go women power!).

Saw boring days on bench at Infy (for those outside IT industry, 'on bench' means that you are jobless and without a project! It doesn't meant that I was made to sit on a bench instead of one of the swivelling chairs!), to over-worked days, and work on weekends too. There were times when I was elated, days when I was depressed, days when I was bored, days when I was excited. Days when I felt lonely. I think I am yet to get over the fact that campus life is history. There won't be hostels, noise, fun and people. Things have changed, life has moved on. Now conversations with friends veer to marriages, family, investments, tax, savings, cost of living, commitments, work, jumping jobs, work-life balance (!), and so on. Not that you won't talk of Sheila ki jawani or the latest cricket stats. But then, there's going to be a sea-change. And it's gonna start one wave at a time.

And so they say the New Year has arrived. And I do wish to experience something new this year. I've quit taking resolutions and so, this year I don't have to pretend to change anything in my life or break any self-made promises. Can only hope that the best is yet to come. And oh boy, I intend to continue to blog. However less (like 3 posts in 2009) or abundant (like 26 posts in 2010) it maybe. My space in cyberspace is here to stay! So here's looking forward to 2011 with as much hope I can muster. Let the days begin!


  1. Good luck with your (lack of) resolutions! :)

    And ugh, at tax discussions. That topic bores me to tears. Then again, maybe that should be another resolution of mine: to understand the complexities of the tax system, and use it to my advantage.

    Sigh. The very thought is daunting.

  2. I don't make resolutions either. I let whatever happens happen, and am content with that.

  3. @ Rindo: I don't think I need luck with lack of resolutions ;)
    As for the tax, hell yeah! People talk of investments, deductions and savings and it frightens me no end :S
    Why the hell do they make it so complex?

    @nothingprofound: Yea, I realised that. Better late than never, right? :)

  4. "MOVE ON" is the buzz word.....

  5. @ Anish: Yes indeed... "Move on"...



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