Thursday, August 26, 2010


His brows were knitted. He was worried. He couldn't stop pacing the floor. The time has come; or so it seems. It had been months since he had been hearing rumours of a newcomer. And he was insecure. What would happen to his world? A world he had so painstakingly built? The trust and love he had gained?

He tried to calm himself down. The newcomer wouldn't be able to usurp what was rightfully his. He was over-reacting. Why should he feel threatened? Maybe I shouldn't worry too much, he thought. His friends had gone through a similar situation recently; they seemed happy about it. Maybe he was just worrying unnecessarily.

His worst fears came true when he had overheard them one day, "We have to prepare him, you know. He must understand what's coming." And of course, he was being re-assured every now and then.

There they were. Across the room.

"Come here Rohan.... meet your baby sister."

So, it is a girl, he thought. She's sleeping in my mom's, our mom's arms. As he gently touched her cheeks and kissed her face, he forgot what he was worrying about.


  1. Initially I thought it was a office story! A new comer being ragged by the seniors or something. lol! Good one!

    I wonder if you have heard about 55 fiction...?

  2. Hehehe...thanks Sam!
    And no, I haven't heard of 55 fiction... is it got to do with writing a story with just 55 words? (Wild guess!)

  3. Yep! Thats what it is.. 55 words. :)

  4. That sounds interesting...will have to try it soon ;)



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