Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Day

She was worried. Why wouldn't she be? She hated public appearances and being in the limelight. But today, she cannot step back. She knew what she was getting into, when she signed up for this venture. Now, there was no backing out. The stage is set. People are ready. The show must begin.

But as always, indecisiveness plagued her. With every passing moment, her anxiety grew exponentially. Her mind galloped like a wild horse in all directions, as it conjured up all the possible things that could go wrong today. She was almost certain that it was another of her panic attacks. What would be in store for her ahead?

Relax! Let me take one day at a time. She took a deep breath. She took one long look at herself in the mirror. Contrary to her expectations, the make-up made her look prettier. She allowed herself a smile.

"Where is she? Isn't she ready yet?" She could hear someone calling for her across the hall.

She stood up and did a quick piroutte and checked herself out in the mirror. Perfect. She definitely looked the part. Now she had to act the part too.

"Will the bride please strike a pose and give a smile?" The cameraman had come.
She gave one big smile and wondered how long she could keep it up today. And ahead in her married life.


  1. I guessed what this was about right after the 1st para! :-P :-D

  2. It's anybody's guess. Wasn't making it a super-suspense anyways :P

  3. hmm..well written! My guess was little different.. I thought she was dressing up for the meet the guy and parents kinda stuff. =)

  4. Thanks Sam...I think gals can guess what it's all about better than guys ;)

  5. I'm quite surprised at your style of writing. You seem to wrap up a neatly knit story in about a paragraph! Nice!



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