Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To you, With Love - Part 3

Dear Paul,

Looking back two weeks, I can’t believe that it happened! I am engaged to you. But I can’t be dreaming – the wedding band on my finger is proof. Much of it happened in a blink of the eye, I feel that it has yet to sink in.
Our Betrothal will forever remain etched in my memory. The moment when you slipped the wedding band onto my finger (was my hand shivering quite then?), the small yet sweet ceremony, the rejoicing that ensued, the silly look you gave when I caught you staring at me, the little bits of conversation we managed to make (interrupted, thanks to all the well-wishers!)…. Wasn’t that just lovely Paul? We made a handsome couple, or so people tell me. Might I add – I do not disagree!

But the best part was the evening, when you stayed after the ceremony. The walk we took down the country road was by far the best walk down that road for me. And when we reached the lake, I felt as if nature had conspired to make it the most romantic setting, just for us. When we sat down on the pier, with our feet dangling and barely touching the water… I felt like an awkward school kid – lost and confused. But when you gently turned… and your lips found mine, I knew in my heart of heart, that this was meant to be. When you remarked whether my cheeks had lent the shade of crimson to the sky, it turned a shade darker! Oh Paul, every night I replay the time I spent with you. Is it just me or do you too? Sometimes I just can’t wait till the wedding. But then, reality sets in. I am going to be part of a whole new world – your world. At times I am excited, and some times, anxious. All I can rely is on the fact that you will be there with me. I do hope that I can be a good wife to you, and take care of your family as well.

I am yet to fully understand what managing a household means, but Mother is taking care of that. Every day she is behind me with a recipe to try out, or something to learn. At times I resent her perseverance, but then, I know she is just anxious to make me a ‘perfect’ wife. So I do humour her. And she admits that I am not bad at it either! Isla is all excited about moving into my room, once I leave after the wedding. She irritates me no end by elaborating how she plans to redo the room, and make sure there is nothing left of me to show. But I know she is sad too; after all, whom will she annoy?

If you would visit now Paul, you would find a beautiful garden here. Mother is putting in her heart and soul. The best of the lot are the roses. She has got all shades here – pink, yellow, white and red. When I see them, I am reminded of you. I don’t know why – not like you have gifted me even one! I had plucked one and kept it in my journal. Whenever I flip it open, a faint scent lingers. Now, I send it with this letter, to you. I would love to be that scent that lingers in your life. Forever.

Waiting for our ‘happily ever after’…

Love always,

P.S. To all those who don't fancy this series 'coz of the mush quotient; good news is in order! This series will be concluded with a part 4. It seems God is listening to your prayers!

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