Friday, February 11, 2011

To you, With Love - Part 1

Hi Paul,

How are you? I find this a bit queer. I mean, I am not used to writing letters. But this is the way it is going to be, isn’t it? So here it is. My first letter to you.

I haven’t been doing anything lately; well, nothing of importance. Since college has closed for the Spring break, I find myself with a lot of time. Mother insists that I learn to spend it ‘productively’. And I know what exactly she means. She wants me to learn to manage a house; do the regular chores – clean pots and pans, mend clothes, take care of the horses and the likes. Ah well, she fears that I won’t turn out a good wife. But I want to do something more. Sometimes, I can’t fathom why a woman has her life determined already – get married, have children and raise a family. Things are changing, but this remains the basic premise. I want more out of life, Paul!

This is not to scare you. Although we have just met twice, I gauged that you were sensible. The conversations we had were interesting and progressive. That is why I am confiding in you. I am sure you do not expect your wife to be just a ‘housewife’.

But the funny part is, I don’t know what exactly it is that I want to do. I sometimes want to become a teacher, Paul. Isn’t it wonderful that you shape young minds? I absolutely adore babies and children! They are li’l angels, aren’t they? At times, I think I want to be a journalist. There is so much happening around me, and in the world. I sometimes think it would be thrilling to be an investigative journalist. But that would need a lot of investment, in terms of time and effort, wouldn’t it? Maybe not a journalist. What about a profession in music, perhaps? Aunt Miriam says that I have a golden voice. She makes me sing at every gathering. I myself think I am not too bad. But do I have what it takes to make it big? Which reminds me, you haven’t had the chance to hear me sing, now, have you? That is indeed funny! Perhaps I can sing to you when we meet next. When will that be?

Silly me! I have been going on about myself; I haven’t asked how you are doing. How is it back there? I hope you have adjusted to your new job and the new place. How are Rob and Brenda doing? Or should I be calling them Dad and Mom already? How is li’l Noel doing? Isla here thinks that he is one naughty boy. But don’t worry, I think they will take to each other down the line – after all, we are going to be a family now.

I think I am now warming up to the idea of communicating only through letters. I haven’t sent this letter yet, and am already anticipating your reply! Indeed quaint! Do tell me your thoughts, Paul. I would love to hear them.


To be continued >>>


  1. confused :(
    who is writing to whom?
    Is it there, or am I missing the cue ?

  2. Christine is writing to Paul! And I've made that pretty clear with my opening and closing lines.
    "Hi Paul" and "Regards Christine". Clear now? :)

  3. not the names. who are they. i mean, how are they related?



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