Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To you, With Love - Part 2

Dear Paul,

How are you? I couldn’t wait for another week to pen you a letter. Can you believe that we have exchanged a dozen letters and more already?

Mother and Isla taunt me the moment the Uncle Ted approaches the gates. I can’t help but turn a shade of red! I eagerly await each letter of yours and start to fidget by the time it is 4 in the evening. That’s when Uncle Ted reaches our part of the neighbourhood. Oh, I forgot to add; Uncle Ted is our postman. A darling he is! He always has a sly smile when he hands me over your letter. I usually run to my room with it and lock it, just so that I can read your letter. It is just you and me then, Paul. And with each letter, I discover you more.

But it is getting tougher to hide your letters. Oh, I have to Paul. Isla is one nosey Parker. She hunts around for my journal and your letters. I have been cleverly keeping it away from her prying eyes. What must one do to get the idea of privacy drilled into her head? Ah well, you must think I am a complaint box. I am not Paul; just that I cannot stand the idea of anyone else reading your letters.

Talking of which, did you get the photo I sent you, along with my last letter? That is the dress Mother made me for Easter. I was pretty much the envy of my college. Mother is deft when it comes to needlework and can turn even the dullest fabric to sheer magic! How did I look in that dress? I thought you would have something to say about it. Does it look like I am fishing for compliments? A woman loves to hear how beautiful she looks. And here, I have gone ahead and shamelessly asked you! Let me see what you have to say about that!

Do send me a photo of yours too Paul. Judith and Jane don’t believe me when I say that you are one of the most handsome men I have laid my eyes on. I know I haven’t admitted it as much before; but I could not believe when our marriage was finalized. I kept thinking to myself, “How could such a good-looking man want to marry a simpleton like me?” Yes, I know, you will start on your ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ philosophy. But yet, I cannot help but think how lucky I am to have found you. Or, that you found me?

I cannot tell you how eagerly I await our Betrothal. It is but one and a half months away, but I am dreaming about it already. Preparations are already in full swing. The church and Priest have been arranged for. We are going about the other preparations now – feast, music, the guest list and so on; not to mention all the brouhaha. Every day is a challenge. We finalize turkey for the main course one day, and on the next, it is back to chicken! Isla and I are always fighting on the décor; she forgets that it’s my wedding and I have the final say! Father watches all this in humour; though I know he is a ball of nerves inside. And being the first wedding in the family, Mother is very anxious that all goes well. So am I. I can only hope that your family also finds the arrangements adequate. I can’t wait to see all of you again. And you, most importantly.

I am going about selecting the dress for my Betrothal. Let me tell you no further about that. I do not want to miss the look on your face, when you see me on that day.

Do not forget to reply to my mail. Your mails are increasingly becoming shorter. Now don’t give me the ‘I am busy’ nonsense already. You are not married yet! Work and office can come later. I am waiting… do not forget.


To be continued >>>


  1. waiting for the next part...just loved the Glowing Embers so much...

  2. of all the parts, i loved this one the most. for no specific reason.
    :) It was good reading the entire set of letters.
    keep writing.

  3. Thank you Karthick. Glad you liked the series :)

    I am hoping to write more; thanks for the encouragement!



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