Saturday, July 21, 2007

Future Tense

It is natural for us to be anxious about our future. Most often than not, we are anticipating it and that's all what we seem to care for. Similar is my case. For the past few weeks, all I can thing about is "What lies ahead?"
It is even more crucial, considering the fact that I'm at crossroads. That's coz I'm about to finish my undergraduate course (well, within 6 months, maybe !). And then the question naturally arises...What next?

I've my heart set at doing MBA. But then, what surprised me the most was the reaction people gave to this unassuming ambition of mine. The most frequently asked question (FAQ!) was: "What about marriage??"
I say, "It can wait!". But then, I know most of 'em are thinking that I'm wrong. I can't fathom why people don't take girls with aspirations seriously. And I don't know why people narrow down the 'marriageable' age to, say, 20-23! Most elders are worried that we (as in, me and my sis) would've crossed that so-called 'limit' if we pursue future studies.

And the next thing they wonder about is us doing MBA outside Kerala. Frankly, I am all for going out of Kerala and doing MBA. Don't get me wrong. I'm not among those who think 'Kerala is a shit hole' and it's not coz I have 'attitude' and stuff! Neither am I trying to run away from here. I believe that I need some long will I remain a frog in the well ?
Most of my friends have been living away from home for their UG course. They are independent, they do their own stuff. Most of 'em are infact placed in good jobs already! So I feel that it's time I went ahead and explored the world outside as well. After all, I'll get some first-hand experience and information which can do me good. Sure, I'm a very home-loving person and I'm bound to feel homesick. But this is how you get over it ! And it's inevitable that I have to leave my home and this 'protected' life one day.
So why not now?

The next thing people wonder about is sending girls (here, us!) 'outside' Kerala. Well, frankly I'm non-plussed over such doubts. It's beyond me to answer such things. I guess it's just that they think in our best interests and hence are worried about our safety. I appreciate that. But then, I don't see any problem in going out. Girls or boys, if you can take care of yourself I don't think security is such an issue. Well, if it's otherwise; I guess I'll just have to find out!

My dad is the most worried, I believe. He is too caring and protective. He can't imagine us leaving home. But then, we can't remain daddy's "li'l girls" all our life! Every Friday he calls, we go all over this again ! And now that the various application bulletins are out, the feeling is sinking in. I have to prove myself now. It was my decision and hence, the onus is on me! It remains to be seen where I finally land up. But then, being the optimist that I am...Everything will turn out for the best ! Inshah Allah.
Thought for the day : "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."


  1. hey, thanks for visiting the blog... are u into ad-management or is the Ad-venture just a hobby...

    btw, how'd u come across my blog?

  2. heyyy
    its kinda great to kno that there are girls frm kerala (am a mallu too) who are ready to take their careers to the next level after the ug phase cause lots of my classmates (female) seem to have gotten themselves hitched or engaged .... and even the ones who wanna do a pg arent allowed to do it where they want to.... or in a good college..... i love my state but colleges here are yet to catch up as far as an mba goes except for iim k i wudnt think theres nythin half as good here.... not that its a bad thing just yet but i frankly feel since an mba is a lifetime investment do it once in a college where u think its worth studyin in..... good to kno u share the same ideas .... may not be the exact same idea but am sure u get the gist... hope u get into the college u want to get into... am an aspirant too :D
    all the best!!



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