Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monsoon Memories

We had a versification competition at our college, as part of our inter-class arts fest. Needless, to say, I took part ! The theme was 'Monsoon' and we were given 1 hour for our creative venture. So here's what I wrote. It isn't great; but then, there was the time limit. So, I had to think of something (and fast!).

The theme I chose to associate with monsoons is the memories one has of it- as a child, we are thrilled by the innocence and purity of the rains; as we peak our adolescence, rains become romantic (!!). And then, there is dread and despair associated with it when it lashes out. Rains are also considered auspicious...a sign of good fortune. So the poem I wrote was a humble endeavour to link these thoughts. Here goes...

Monsoon Memories

With a cup of coffee and some pleasant thoughts,
I sit by the window; no company I sought.
For the rains beckoned memories from the past.
The downpour casting a spell atlast !

I rummage through my mind; I see myself small;
A wee bit chubby, but fairly tall.
The rivulets on the road, my source of pleasure;
Oh! Childhood memories- truly a treasure.

And then, I see myself walking with him.
My heart overflowing with emotions upto the brim.
Walking down the road on that rainy day;
His company had then made my day.

Dread creeps in as I recollect,
The day my friend was brought in dead.
The rains lashed out; it was a storm.
And the despair seemed to linger on.

And then my wedding I can clearly see,
The downpour was as strong as it could be.
"Blessings of the Lord!", everyone said.
And I see myself blushing; a newly-wed!

The rains have seen me through thick and thin,
Been with me like my kith and kin.
It is still raining...and I can see,
That our relationship will last; let it be !

Thought for the day : "The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention."

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