Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sickness sets in

I'm physically at my WORST now!
Needless to say, the monsoons herald an array of diseases. It's bad enough that one gets fever...but no! It doesn't end there for me. I have throat infection, sinusitis, cold, cough and sneezing too !!!! (not to forget the ubiquitous fever, as I said !)

I'm heavily drugged (NO pun intended!!). The sedatives lull me to sleep...and my eyes feel as if they are weighed down by stones. The worst part is being bed-ridden. I just feel like getting off the bed, but no !
I'm weary...sigh...

I believe it all started when I got wet by the rains, on Sunday, as I was coming back from my CAT coaching classes (yep, I was on my scooter...and I have no raincoat!). Monday passed off fine as well; had a slight headache though. But whatdya know? On Tuesday, I can barely open my eyes. High fever sets in. And then, I go visit a doc and buy the requisite medicines. I put up a brave front today. I said to myself, "No fever can conquer my indomitable spirit!".
I force myself out of bed and go to college ( Uh-oh! bad choice). And then, after I come back from college...even HIGHER fever sets in!! Now I am conscious (so to say). Don't know when the sedatives will start to work its wonders again. Infact I'm drowsy already *yawn*.

Please pray so that I may recover soon. I have my mid-terms lined up next week. Won't be going to college tomorrow. Cheer me up people !

Thought for the day : "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. "

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