Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - The End of a Legend this seems way out of place in my blog! Michael Jackson? On MY blog?

"Why?", you ask?

The most important reason is that, since childhood, I have known that I share the same birthday with him (i.e. August 29th) and my memories of him start with that. I used to think, "Hey, I have a famous celebrity with whom I share my birthday!". I also used to think that, as I grow older, maybe I would end up being light-skinned as him too! (Now knowing why he turned lighter....I'd rather not!)

Most people remember him for many things -the "Jackson 5", his trademark howls which go like: "Ouuu", his changing nose (thanks to nose jobs), changing skin colour (No, not bleached! He apparently had Vitiligo) , the moonwalk, the pop music, child sexual abuse, the Neverland ranch, bouts of drug addiction, marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, holding his child aloft from a balcony (& stirring yet another controversy!) and much more. He was much unlike the typical Virgoan who shies from being in the limelight. He was literally the cynosure of all eyes; either for his music, or for his antics.

I haven't really followed his music, and I confess, I am fairly ignorant about his work. But I think he has made some of the most eye-catching and path-breaking videos, of his times. The fact that even I know of some of these songs is testimony to his reach & popularity! Now, for some of the videos I really like (of the really few I know):

* The funky "Black or White" video, with the morphing faces at the end! I thought that pretty cool then (and now too). I was also very happy, as a child back then, to see an Indian dancer in the video!

* The groovy "They don't care about us" video ! It can get anyone on their feet!
(I am referring to the Brazil video; not the prison version).

* The really touching "Heal the World" video. I used to later think, that the Colonial Cousins' video, "Krishna Nee Begane.." was inspired by this video, in its treatment; not that the message was entirely the same.

One man, many facets.... and literally, many faces even (if you will!). He had a generation of youth swooning and gyrating to his music. And we all cherish some memories of this man - good, bad or ugly. He made a space for himself; I'd rather say he made an industry on his own. This is no requiem for the man. I find myself fairly unequipped for that, given my knowledge about him or his music. There are far more die-hard fans. And this measly blog is a misfit even as a tribute. I don't claim it is, either. He's like a candle snuffed out before it could die its natural death. Some part of me feels sad about it. It was unexpected and seems tragic.

May his soul rest in peace. And rest assured, his songs live on.

Thought for the day:

“Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries.
Life gives up and life tries.
But life looks different through everyone's eyes.”


  1. u forgot the earth of the costliest videos ever..RIP the king...

  2. Yes! It's a good song! And I wrote what I recollected; and so missed out on it.

    As I said, this is but an incomplete ode to the man. He is larger than all this.


  3. Now it's surprising to see Vinitha writing about Micheal Jackson. Hhis impact must have been really strong that teh otherwise reticent Vini came out to blog. I also thought of paying a tribute to the late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, the legendary sarod player, who passed away last week. But then, as you said, constraint of knowledge about his work stopped me. Good going. Jackson's soul may rest in peace for having dragged Vinitha's pen out of slumber.

  4. Hi Arju,

    You could have written on Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. No one can entirely sum up a person...and a renown personality at that. Heck, I'd say, you can't even summarise yourself completely! So, write about what he means to you.

    That's all I did. I feel it's not how much you know but how much you feel that matters.



  5. Remember? Ethu malayalam old cinema eduthaaalum, they show the MJ's song to show a lifestyle or any "bigada hua baccha"!! By the way, its the Prison Version which makes me stand than the Brazil one... mera rongta khada ho jaata hai!!



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