Wednesday, October 26, 2011


You really don't know how good you have it. You really don't.

You complain about your long working hours. You complain about how you have no ‘life’. You hate the city you are in. You hate the fact that you are far away from home. You are upset ‘coz you have zilch savings at the end of the month. You hate that you miss your parents. You feel sorry because you feel lonely. You feel empty. You wonder about how your life has become ‘boring’. You have a zillion things that don't seem right. Somehow it appears that the whole world is conspiring against you.

And yet, you must be thankful. You must be thankful for your boring life. Someone above hasn’t rocked your boat. Just yet.

Never ever think that you’ve got it bad. There are problems in your life; and they do matter. But every time you think of how life could be better – remember, it could be far worse.

Life is not fair. But it is not fair to anyone. That makes life fair.

Or so they say. I have my doubts about it, though.


  1. When I read 'Someone above hasn’t rocked your boat. Just yet', I remembered something that I had read earlier from an email- 'Things can change in the blink of an eye. But God never blinks!'

    This is a great post indeed :)

  2. :) I know I know!!

    But, the only difference- I love the city I am in :)

  3. @ Krishna - I am not quite sure I fully understood that quote... thanks for the appreciation!

    @ Sameera - yeah. Not that all of those apply to me either. But, was generally thinking of the usual complaints people have and putting it here.

  4. Thr were days when I prayed to God to make my life a bit spicy....and now all I want is a stale plain life.
    Great post!

  5. I know; we sometimes wish for some 'spice'... but it can turn out to be the kind you can't digest. As they say - be careful about what you wish for; you might actually get it. Thanks for dropping by, Red Handed.

  6. Just came acros syour blog..amazing read :) loved the line-'Someone above hasn’t rocked your boat. Just yet' positive

  7. Hi Richa, welcome to moi humble blog!
    Thanks for the comment. Do stick around. Will be checking out your blog too!



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