Saturday, July 02, 2011


There it lay in front of her – hillocks and hills smothered with nature’s bounty of greenery. The rains had provided much needed succour to them. The greens broke out in all its vigour, and carpeted the previously ailing lands; lands which hitherto seemed incapable of hosting so much life, now teeming and bursting at its seams.

It was as if nature had prepared a palette of colours to enjoy – the earthy, wet browns; the variant hues of verdant and the skies ranging from pale blue to dark greys, interspersed with patches of white and light. And she stared right ahead, as far as her eyes could take her. And suddenly, it occurred to her – she was staring at her life ahead too. Things so near to you – clear in all its detail; and those far ahead – beyond your comprehension. You never know what lies ahead; all you can do is enjoy where you are; look around – smell the roses and live in the here and now. The future ahead is as hazy as the horizon you can see. With time, maybe you will visit those hills, conquer some or be conquered by some. Some day, you will reach there. And when you will look back, the yesterday will also seem hazy. As hazy as the tomorrow appears today.

Crazy, she thought. She went back to her cubicle, unlocked her computer and resumed staring at the screen.


  1. :) I sit next to a window in office. Felt good reading this.

  2. @ Sam: Aha, you too? At least having a window offers a good view, when you take breaks :)

  3. Story of my life! sigh!! This has left me with this inane desire to just pack my bags and leave for the mountains !! Lovely.

  4. the painted canvas... when it suddenly appears white, we feel illusions..

    but that very particular moment which we had dreamt, at times do come true...

    sixth sense may be

  5. @ Nirvana - There's something about mountains, is there not? It'd be quite something if you DID pack your bags and leave! ;)

    @ Bhargav - I am not too sure if I've got your comment correctly!



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