Monday, March 07, 2011

Alpa Viraam - Part 1

It is white all around. Clean. Pure. Sterile.

She is at the centre. At the centre of nowhere. She looks around in panic. From a distance, she hears a little baby cry. She runs in search for it, trying hard to locate the source. And there - she sees a white crib. She runs towards it and peeps inside. A beautiful bundle of joy. A baby. But it's crying. She tries to touch its face; to wipe its tears.

The crib miraculously gets pulled away from her. She runs and tries to touch it. It's pulled away again - like some invisible force is tugging at it; keeping her away from the baby. The baby's cries become even louder. She can't stand it. She runs to touch the crib; and yet again it moves away from her. She runs, she runs and she runs....... the crib keeps moving away from her. She hears one last wail. No more cries. She can't see the baby any more - it's gone. She screams.

She wakes up with a jolt. It is pitch black everywhere. She looks around. Her eyes register the time on the digital clock - 2:34 am. She wipes off the tears and sweat on her face. It is one of those nights again. But it's taking a toll on her. She has had enough of baby dreams. Enough of seeing children she can never have. She tries to lie down and go back to sleep. The night promises to be long. Indeed, very long.
To be continued >>>

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