Friday, October 01, 2010


One could make out nothing. For a body that had been run over by a train, the less said the better. People thronged the railway track as if watching a circus.

Collective public sensitivity goes for a toss under such circumstances. A man being beaten up in broad daylight by goons, a woman suffering inexplicable birth pangs and stranded, an elephant run over by a train, a child lost and crying, a beggar pleading for alms, a dog hit by a truck and moaning in pain..... or a dead body on the railway track.

Where sleeps a man's conscience? Doesn't it prick?

So much for turning deaf and blind. We have an inane ability to be insensitive to others' pain and misery. Until it happens to us.

The police bustled in and pushed aside the people. The body had been mutilated. The blood had begun to cake. The head had been severed and had rolled off; finally being freed from its body. One of the crew started to id the victim. The victim is female, in her mid-twenties....

One could see a trail of tear that had dried down the corner of her eye. Only if one closely observed.


  1. :( [Sad!]

    Very well written!! Especially the second para. Loved it.

  2. Thanks Sam. Sad but true that is.



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