Thursday, July 29, 2010

Romance is in the Air! - Part 1

(Disclaimer: This is a tri-partite series. It's long. Really long.)

It could be the monsoons, my vacant (and idle) mind; or it is the season of love! And no, I have not fallen in love (if that’s what you were going to insinuate!)

As I was on my way to work (???) today, old Malayalam songs came flooding to my mind. And my mind can be like the neighbour’s pesky radio! It keeps on playing tracks in my head and I just cannot wish it away. But that got me thinking on a lot of things. Most importantly… Lyrics! Songs like those are no more written. It is sheer poetry; a delight to the mind. Every time I listen to old songs, I feel invigorated by the lyrics… I am amazed how the erstwhile lyricists could bring in so much richness; be it the imagery or the comparisons they draw. And for me it’s akin to sacrilege if people do not care about lyrics while singing songs. I am not here to brag, but I remember lyrics of a whole lot of songs (Hindi, Malayalam, old or new); and people ask how is it possible to memorize it. If you can appreciate the thought behind the lyrics, it’s a cakewalk for any, is what I’d like to say!

Undoubtedly, romantic songs are the most challenging and creative of the lot. I am a great admirer of lyricists like P Bhaskaran, Vayalar, O N V Kurup, etc. Any Malayali alive has heard, felt and imbibed the charm of the old Malayalam songs. And since we are talking of Romance, here’s a few from my list of favourite Malayalam Romantic songs. As you will see, there are songs for every occasion.

Lost in love? Want to tell your lady love how you feel? Want to praise her beauty? No fear, the best songs are here!


Aareyum bhaava gaayakan aakkum aathma soundaryamaanu nee
Namra sheersharaay nilpoo nin munnil, thamra nakshatra kanyakal…
(Aareyum bhava)
Kinnara mani thamburu meetti, ninne vaazhthunnu vaanavum
Mannile kilippaithalum, mulam thandil moolunna thennalum
Innithaa nin prakeerthanam; ee prapancha hridaya veenayil
Aaaaaa… (Aareyum bhava)
Ninte naavile mounamaakumee ponmanicheppinullilaaay
Moodi vacha nighooda bhaavangal, pookkalaay shalabhangalaay
Innithaaa nrithalolayaay; ee prapancha nadana vedhiyil
Aaaaa… (Aareyum bhava)

Vathil Pazhuthilude…

Vaathil pazhuthiluden munnil kunkumam
Vaari vitharum thri-sandhya poke
Athilolamen idanazhiyil nin kala madhuramam kalocha kettu
Madhuramam kalocha kettu…

Hridhayathin thanthriyil aaro viralthodum
Mridulamam nishvanam pole
Illakallil jalakanam ittu veezhum pole
Uyiril amrutham thalicha pole
Tharala vilolam nin kalocha kettu njan
Ariyathe koritharichu poyi…
(Vaathil Pazhuthiluden)
Himabhindhu mukhapadam charthiya poovine
Madhukaram nugarathe uzharum pole
Ariya nin kalocha cholliya manthrathin
Porulariyathe njan ninnu
Nizhalukal kalamezhuthunoren munnil
Mattoru sandhyayai nee vannu…
(Vaathil Pazhuthiluden)

Both these songs are sheer poetic geniuses! If you read every word of these songs, it goes beyond saying that it’s breathtaking.

Wish your lady love was near you? The evergreen favourite of separated lovers, engaged couples, or silent admirers!


Arikil neeyundaayirunnenkil…
Arikil neeyundaayirunnenkil ennu njaan
Oru maathra veruthe ninachu poyi,
Oru maathra veruthe ninachu poyi…
Raathri mazha peythu thornna neram
Kulur kaatililacharthulanja neram
Ittitu veezhum neer thulli than sangeetham
Hruthanthikalil padarna neram
Kaatharayaayoru pakshiyen jaalaka
Vaathilin chaare chilacha neram,
Vaathilin chaare chilacha neram…
Oru maathra veruthe ninachu poyi…
Muttathu njan natta chembaka thaiyyile
Aadhyathe mottu virinja naalil
Snigdhamaam aarudeyo mudi chaarthilen
Mugdha sankalpam thalodi nilkke
Etho puraathana prema kadhayile
Geethikal ennil chirakadikke
Geethikal ennil chirakadikke,
Oru maathra veruthe ninachu poyi…

Doesn’t that song always make you sigh? *Sigh*

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  1. This is fun! I have something very similar up on my blog :) - called Lyrical Love. Just posted yesterday, Vaathil Pazhuthil and a couple of other songs, and a crude translation ;) - for the benefit of people who don't know Malayalam.

    Truly these songs are simply out of this world! (My post is up at (



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