Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's in a name?

Now that I have nothing much to do, I am either reading books, watching TV or surfing the internet. Well, out of sheer boredom (and also probably to massage my ego) I decided to Google my name and see what results I get. Sure....you are laughing; but I bet atleast some of you have tried that. Just to see what wonders your name might reveal in this unending expanse that is the cyber world. (Or is it just me? Am I the sole nut case?)

Nevertheless, with high hopes I type in "vinitha" in the search bar and hit 'go'.
And lo ! Behold ! Many links pop up...
The first one-
*Vinitha Menon ...Hot Indian Desibabe
( I don't have to tell you what kind of a site it is).
Yuck....I dread to go on....Is there nothing good associated with the name?

I garner hope and go ahead to the next link...and what do we have here?

* Vinitha- famous Tamil heroine: arrested on a charge of prostitution

Gosh ! I wished for something 'good'...and it goes from bad to worse.
Neeeexxxttt !

* The next few links turned out to be profiles of other Vinithas on social networking sites.
Not interesting.

* Then there was the "kanchi silk sari vinitha".
Confused ? Well....it turns out that Vinitha is the name of a particular model of sari being sold online....the sari wasn't bad, by the way !

* Then I stumble upon "Vinitha Industries"- manufacturers of machines.
That's a good start, I think to myself. There's an enterprise by my name !

* My biggest find was Vinitha Nedungadi. She's a Mohiniyattam dancer. I'd seen her performance at the Siva temple near my house (for the Sivaratri celebrations held there).
I was mesmerised by her performance. It was a pleasure to have discovered her site.
Well then... I'll soon be contacting her and paying her compliments for that performance. (Though I think her site has not been updated for quite some time now).

Well, not bad. There's a danseuse by that name... my hopes rise; I proceed.

* The next site I stumbled upon was that of the artist Vinitha Anand. And guess what?
She's the great grand-daughter of the sister of Raja Ravi Varma ! This is the first time I got to know of her. I browsed through her site....and I'd recommend you to do that as well. Under the 'gallery' section of the site, you'll find a display of her works. I loved the use of lines and colours. It might appear simple, but I bet you need a LOOOT of talent to put that on canvas. I especially liked the "Music in nature" series.

Wow ! An incredibly talented artist by that name....

* Then I find out that there's a singer by that name. She has sung in the recent Malayalam movie, 'Calcutta News'....and guess what ? There's another singer by the name Vijitha !!!
How creepy can this get ? I mean, you have singers Vijitha and Vinitha, who have sung a song in the movie !!! That's my sister's and my name !
Anybody who can furnish further information on these singers are welcome. Well, here's
hoping they become GREAT singers!!
(Am I wishing so because of their names?! Am I trying to vicariously become famous?)

Well, so much for me and my 'googling' ! I didn't (obviously) go through all the links that were there. After all, the search results run into pages on google.

What are you waiting for ? Google your name and 'discover' more.

Thought for the day: "A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction." - Oscar Wilde


  1. I can assure you, EVERYONE who uses the internet regularly has done the 'ego search'. But my search always turns up my own webpages. :) Possibly because I search for my full name and not just my last name.

  2. hey.. heard about Vinitha Bali.. she's the MD of britannia industries.. possibly u can emulate positions like hers!!!

  3. Yes I have...no doubt she's worth emulating ! :)

  4. i guess you are truly jobless....



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