Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Have a Dream

Before you people think that I write only poems on LOVE (for some reason, I'm motivated in that direction most of the time !!), here's one.....

I Have a Dream

I have a dream of a bright tomorrow,
Of a world which is devoid of sorrow;
Where communal clashes are a thing of the past,
Love and respect are here to last.

Women and men share equal rights,
Feminists and chauvinists are out of sight!
Children have fun laughing and singing;
Where each day is a new beginning.

Nature is loved and cared for by all,
To prevent the Earth from further fall.
Farmers are eager and ready to toil,
Prosperity reigns; and not turmoil.

I have a dream of a bright tomorrow,
Of a world which is devoid of sorrow.
"Such a day will I ever get to see?"
"YES!" confirms the Hope within me.


Thought for the day: "Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well."


  1. LOVED the poem. I have always sucked at writing poems, so I envy people who can write good ones.

    Even I have a similar dream. I just wish it were real....

  2. grt work yaar...really....i have posted it to my friend too

  3. 'Sach' or whoever it is...
    thanks for the compliment :-)
    But then, i'd like it if u wudnt pass it around n stuff...coz, well...i'm a bit apprehensive about it...thanks!

  4. lovely....

    I liked the rhymes the most :)

  5. Thank You Cinderalla...
    For patiently going through my ramblings ! :)




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